An artistic credo for the National Theatre of Variety – inspired by F.T. Marinetti, Milan, 1913, and the artistes seen on the Grand Theatre stage:

THE VARIETY THEATRE is absolutely practical, because it distracts, amuses and educates the public with comic effects and imaginative astonishment

THE VARIETY THEATRE has only one reason for existing or triumphing: incessantly to present new art and entertainment

THE VARIETY THEATRE is a profitable show window for countless inventive forces on stage:

THE VARIETY THEATRE seeks the audience’s collaboration:

THE VARIETY THEATRE is a school of cerebral subtlety, complication and synthesis:

“The Variety stage is the sole remaining link connecting us with that stupendous achievement of the sixteenth century known as the Commedia dell'Arte. It is not the Commedia but it has certain marked resemblances to it and when the ‘legitimate theatre’ sees distinguished players stepping on to the Music Hall stage, it has, far from matter for complaint, the best cause for self congratulation and for hope. The Variety Theatre, cherishing as it does so much creative talent of a somewhat exaggerated order, is very much alive”
Edward Gordon Craig, The Mask, 1912

“Variety is the essential theatre”

F.T.Marinetti, In Praise of the Variety Theatre, 1913

Variety is a dramatic form which is linked on the one hand with theatrical - as opposed to literary - traditions, and on the other with the tastes of the people.
- Vsevolod Meyerhold, The Fairground Booth, 1915

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